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the telltale signs of arthritis →


i shudder as i wipe your tear. my hands shake as i stroke your hair. when you rest your head upon my shoulders, my bones cry in disbelief. doubt and resentment cover all of me. and my structure’s crumbling to mediocrity. you share and i tear apart. as i answer back with false opinions, my…

it’s worries not being there that worries me…

of good nights and sleeping

my eyes droop and begin to see swirls and twirls. the world begins to tremble and everything i’ll see, you’ll see. we’ll share every inch of the dreaming. we walk on the clouds of memories. the bed becomes an earthquake. the floor becomes wet of what seems to be tears of joy. i shake and you’ll hold me close. i let you see what’s inside of me. what i am truly. i am the monster. the beast. the animal. and you accept that wholeheartedly. the dream becomes hazy. and we see trees and leaves and autumn sadness. and we walk the pavements, the streets of concrete. we have smiles in our faces. nothing worries us. we won’t care. we have each other. we won’t dare. the dream becomes hazy. we sit side by side. hands intertwined. we look straight ahead into a future we share. and it is everything. we grasp. we pull. we push. the dream’s a blur. and we are walking into the moon, through all holes of cheesy goodness. bicycles and all. stars and comets flying all over the place. lights blinking. and everything is ours for the taking. your hands on mine. smiling that smile of yours. and i close my eyes. and dream some more. reality and the dreaming becoming one. all true, just me and you. 

when you use up all your creativity just to make that one person smile or laugh or light up or swoon over..


let me wake up right next to you. where the world is filled with hugs and warmth and kisses. i can hear your beautiful words and whispers and laughter. i can touch your skin and hair and cheeks. you are as sublime as one can be. dreams are never as beautiful as rememberings of memories. i will wake up right next to you. and everything will once again be whole and clear and bliss.

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